Despite the fact that you may feel hopeless whenever you open up an insurance bill or when you’re getting homeowners insurance quotes, there are some ways to reduce your insurance premium.

Not all insurance policies for homeowners and their costs are the same. In fact, the yearly premiums for these insurance policies can vary by the hundreds. No two policies will ever be alike—even if the insurance was on the same house. An individual’s personal information plays a huge role in premiums, such as credit and claims history.

However, there are things EVERYONE can do to get cheaper homeowners insurance. Here are 12 proven methods that anyone, anywhere, at anytime can do to lower homeowners insurance costs.

  • Look around – Check out different insurance providers and see for yourself what do they have to offer and how much they charge for what they offer. You might want to ask your family or friends about their insurance carriers or you can read reviews and customer feedbacks too.
  • Increase your deductible – Do you want to know how you can lower your insurance rate by as much as 25%? Increase your deductible. Instead of having a deductible amounting to $500, you can raise it to $1000. You can also look for policies where the deductibles are separated.
  • Avoid mixing the cost of the home that you are living in with the cost of rebuilding it. – Keep in mind that when you include the value of the land where your house is located in when applying for insurance, chances are the premiums will be higher than you expected.
  • Buy both your auto and home insurance from the same provider – When you buy these insurance policies from one provider you will find that you can get as much as 15 % off. Of course, you still need to look at several insurance companies for this to see which ones has the most competitive price.
  • Make your home resistant to disaster – You can consult with an insurance agent on how to make your home disaster proof. Installing storm shutters or making your roofing stronger by adding reinforcements to it can be useful when it comes to lowering your annual premiums on your insurance policies.
  • Upgrading your home security – One technique in reducing your premiums from 15 to 20% at least is by installing security devices like smoke alarms, burglar alarms, and even sprinkler systems.
  • Inquire of other discounts – Another helpful tip when it comes to lowering your insurance rates is by asking the insurance provider whether they have discounts to offer. There are some insurance carriers that offer discounts for certain groups of clients like retirees and professional groups.
  • Keeping a good credit record – When you have good credit record, there is a possibility that you can get your home insurance rate lowered because this is considered by the insurance provider.
  • Using the same insurer for years – There are some insurance providers that often reduce the rates of the premiums of their clients when they have been with them for three or more years. The discount rate depends mostly on the years that you have stayed with the insurer.
  • Do an annual review of your policy as well as its limitations including the properties that you have in your possession. – This is an important tip that you need to practice in order for you to avoid getting other insurance policies for artwork or jewelry in your possession.
  • Private insurance is better if you are following a government plan. – This step can help you get lower rates in terms of your insurance policy.
  • Factor in the price of home insurance when you buy a house. – The insurance policy in your home can actually be lowered if it is close to fire hydrants or that the neighborhood that you are living in is serviced by a fire department.
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