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One thing is for sure, boat owners live for sunny weekends on the water with friends, family, or a good book. Whether you own a bass boat, pontoon boat, Sea-Doo, or a yacht, your boat or personal watercraft is unique in features and usage and your boat policy should reflect its individuality.

A boat policy is very customizable, once the liability limit requirements have been met. Alliance Insurance Agency can assess your coverage needs based on size, usage, and docking location. There are different types of options for the boat owner that is out on the water every chance he or she gets, and there is a policy for those who only pull out the boat a couple weekends a year.

Tennessee now requires liability for boat owners just like auto liability for car owners. In addition, if you took out a loan to pay for the boat, your lender will require physical damage coverage just like with autos and auto loans.

Coverage for boats is very similar in nature to auto policies, but there are more features specifically designed for boats and boat enthusiasts. A full coverage boat policy will typically cover the usual liability and physical damage, but also include medical coverage for guests, coverage for the engine(s) and trailer, personal contents on board, and communication devices.

Alliance Insurance Agency is familiar with the waterways and unique boating experiences for middle Tennesseans and can provide you with valuable protection at affordable prices.

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