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3 things you should KNOW when getting a FREE auto insurance quote

Everyone knows that carrying liability insurance in TN is the law but when it comes to buying car insurance so many people can feel overwhelmed and maybe even confused at all the insurance lingo. From searching for a local agent to choosing what coverage best suits your needs and budget, it can get hard. Ultimately one just wants to find the best price in town, overall it is something you will be paying for years to come. So many factors can go into getting the best possible quote for car insurance. Carrying insurance is so much more than just avoiding a no insurance ticket. In this article, I will be going over 3 things you should know when buying car insurance.

First, ask your local agent what kind of liability limits he/she is quoting you. This is what will be protecting you from being held personally responsible in case of an accident so it is good to know what coverage you are purchasing in case you want to increase the limits to best suit your needs. You can always get a quote with no commitment to purchasing so that you can weigh out your options.

Second, there are discounts available. Always ask even if the agent does not offer them to you they most likely are able to give them if they apply to you. There are many discounts that companies give such as homeowners discount if you own your home or prior insurance discount if you already carry insurance. Some companies even give a discount for putting your payment on auto-pay. So do not be afraid to ASK!

Last, but certainly not least. You do not need a license to get insurance! Whether your license is suspended expired or you just simply cannot obtain one there are insurers out there that are willing to insure you for an affordable rate. If the first couple of places you call and they cannot accept you with no drivers license DO NOT GIVE UP. Keep searching.

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